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YAP Youth CEO Group

The Youth CEO group is made up of a group of 6 young people, Katie, Chelsey, Niamh, Teaghan, Georgina and Louise, who put themselves forward from the Youth Forum to act as Youth CEOs for YAP.  The young people have worked with Siobhán O’Dwyer CEO and have developed their terms of reference, and how they will be elected into the future to ensure that the group is representative and can feed back to the wider group of young people in YAP.  Members of the Youth CEO Group will work with the CEO and speak at public events and contribute to YAP Ireland CLG discussions and policy and practice development.

So far this year they have worked on the following:

  • Helping to develop a job description and strengths and qualities sheet for Youth CEO’s.
  • Co-chairing the launch of the NUI Maynooth Research.
  • Speaking about the Youth CEO group Events and participating in videos for the YAP Ireland website.
  • Agreeing the process for electing the new Youth CEO group and presenting their work at the Youth Forum.
  • They are currently preparing to attend the Senior Management Team Meeting in June.
  • They are working on how a reference group of young people involved in the child protection and welfare system for the Child and Family Agency might work.

Below are some of their comments on the experience of being involved in the Youth CEO Group

Teaghan co-chaired the Launch of the NUIM Research findings with Siobhán O’Dwyer CEO at Wynns Hotel in Dublin and this is her account of that experience

When Siobhán told me I was sitting at the top table with her and the other speakers I was bricking it. I think it was more the fact of talking in front of adults and having to talk posh but when I started talking I wasn’t as nervous. I got loads of compliments. I enjoyed being part of the launch. Katie and Chelsey did brilliant. I think we were all very welcomed there. Even though everyone were adults, it was very welcoming. I was relieved when it was all over but I enjoyed the opportunity of being Siobhán’s helper. - Teaghan

Chelsey made a speech at the same event attended by over 40 people and this is her account of that experience

Hi, my name is Chelsey and I am one of the youth CEO’s at YAP. I’ve only done one speech in the past and it wasn’t easy. I was so nervous I felt like getting sick. So before I went up my YAP worker Lisa asked Fiona could I read it to her before I got up and she said “yeah”. Even reading it to Fiona, I was scared. When I was done reading my speech to her “I said I can’t do it, there are too many people”. That’s when Katie, another Youth CEO at YAP turned around and said, “Chelsey without you even knowing, I was listening to you. Just look at Lisa and read it to her when you are up there and don’t pay attention to anyone else”. That gave me a lot of confidence hearing that from Katie. Because she was scared and knew how I was feeling unlike Lisa and Fiona telling me and Katie a little white lie. They said it was “easy”, that “it’s scary for the first few sentences but after then you will be flying along”.  What they didn’t tell us was that they have never given a speech before and if they were asked to they would run and pretend to be sick.  But them telling us that got us through it. It gave us the courage to do it and I wouldn’t change anything about that day or the speech except the microphone. I’d make a stand for the microphone but that’s all apart form that. So I had a really nice day and a lot of fun. I would say I have a lot more courage and confidence after the speech and hopefully I will have gained a lot more from this speech.

I would like to thank YAP for believing in me and giving me the courage to get up and openly admit my feelings. They helped me to realise there is more to life than pain and suffering, that there is happiness. No words can explain my gratitude.

Thank you for listening 

This is a Young persons account of her experience of attending the Youth Forum Meetings

I have attended the last few youth forum meetings in Dublin. I have enjoyed these meetings as you get to meet other young people with YAP from all over Ireland. I feel that these meetings are very helpful for getting to know what other young people are doing. I think the meetings are well planned for young people as they are not boring because they always have lots of activities.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Youth CEO Group please contact your Advocate or Team Leader.  Check out the link below for more information

YAP Youth CEO Invitation



  • Q: Who can become a Youth CEO?

    A: Anyone between the ages of 14 and 18 years who are on the programme or have left the programme recently and are still involved in the local participation group

  • Q: Why would I do it?

    A: To meet new people and work together as a group. To build confidence and self-esteem. To be Listened to and Respected. To get great experience of speaking at YAP events or attending meetings with YAP. To suggest changes and to meet with decision makers in YAP and in other organisations. You will get experience and training which is good for your CV.


  • Q: What's the commitment?

    A: You will be asked to attend up to two full-day meetings in the year and the 4 youth forum meetings You will meet with the YAP CEO on a regular basis to plan for events and meetings. You can attend YAP events which may be local to where you live or may be national events, held in Dublin.

  • Q: What if I can’t make every meeting?

    A: In each area of the country, there will also be a second young person who can attend in your place if you cannot attend.

  • Q: How will I get to and from the meetings?

    A: YAP will organise your travel to and from meetings.

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