Where Are We Now - Shane, Dublin

I started off in YAP getting into trouble with the police and drinking and smoking. YAP helped me through bad days and gave me friendship and laughter, and things to look forward to. Now 3 months since I finished, I am smoking less than before and don't drink as much. I got a summer job and I am in school.

I am much more involved in my community and in school. I am with better friends and I am much happier in myself. In my first month of YAP, I could see a change in myself and talking to my mam and dad more. I was getting much more involved at home and helping around the house.

I think the YAP programme is good because it helps teenagers like me and other teenagers to see a better future and think what they could accomplish in life. I couldn't have changed without the help of the YAP programme.

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