Where Are We Now - Gabriel, Cavan

When I first heard of YAP I was excited about the opportunity they laid out for me; supported living to succeed in college in Cavan. This was exciting as I didn’t want to travel anymore to college and wanted to live away from home like everyone else my age. YAP was extremely helpful, helping me settle into a new environment in Cavan quickly. This motivated me a lot more to work in college and pass the year as well as learn many independent living skills. My Advocate has been supportive, encouraging and patient with me throughout my stay which I appreciate a lot, although his bad puns need to be dealt with by management!! I feel I can be open and honest and I can make mistakes and learn from them in a safe environment. I have learned to budget, cook and clean and to look after myself. I admit I thought I was able to live alone when I started with YAP but I soon realised I had a lot to learn. I feel when I move on from YAP that I will have new skills to one day live alone and cope well. Sometimes with YAP I felt I was monitored too much and people had too much say in what I do even though I know people are only looking out for me. Overall, I would say my whole experience has been enjoyable and difficult but most definitely worthwhile.

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