I began to take photos at a later age as a teen and one of my first photos is featured in the exhibition of the Spire, O’Connell Street, Dublin. It was not the greatest quality photo but I felt it inspired me to continue.

I enjoy taking photos of anything but nature and capturing specific moments of colour is what I enjoy. My favourite pictures are of moments that happen spontaneously. It was unusual to have people take an interest in my photos and having them displayed is still kind of a surprise to me even though it has been talked about for months. 

Nicola my advocate and I spent a lot of time prepping for tonight but we can both agree that the toughest part was trying to pick the right photographs to display as Nicola wanted to print many more! I’m really excited that my photos are being displayed and I hope people enjoy them. 

Aidan, Meath

The Photo Exhibition was a huge success.  Many came to view the amazing photography skills of Aidan that were on display in our Yap Meath office on the 11th March at 8pm.  The Team Leader Katie Bird was taken aback of how the once boring Yap room was transformed into an amazing art gallery where people from our community came and enjoyed the display with a nice cup of tea and a bun.  All admired Aidan’s attention to detail and how he captured the moment within a photograph. See photgraphs below.

Katie Bird, Yap Team Leader, Meath

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