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How YAP supports me

Read how our current young participants are experiencing the YAP programme

Ange - Dublin

Ange and Advocate Caroline worked together for 6 months on the YAP Programme. In that time they achieved some amazing outcomes. Hes a snap shot of their time together.

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Aidan - Meath

I began to take photos at a later age as a teen and one of my first photos is featured in the exhibition of the Spire, O’Connell Street, Dublin. It was not the greatest quality photo but I felt it inspired me to continue.

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Stephen, Dublin

I started with YAP in March 2012. Graeme was assigned to me as my Advocate. We get on great. Normally I can’t really feel comfortable around men. I can talk to Graeme about just about anything.

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Colin, Meath

In the beginning, I wasn't really sure what YAP was or what they did. YAP was suggested to me and my family by a family support worker who was seeing us at the time. She explained to us that they were a group of people who came to our house; brought me away for an hour or two and did things with us.

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Rachel, Dublin

I'm a young person who's been with YAP about 3 months now. I had many problems before I started YAP - problems at home, at school and problems with myself. Before YAP I wasn't able to fix any of these problems, I struggled dealing with these issues,

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