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Friends Of YAP Ireland CLG

Friends of YAP Ireland CLG launched!!

Were you a participant on the YAP Ireland CLG programme?  Are you over 17 years of age?  Do you want to keep in touch and find out what we are doing?  Register for the Friends of YAP Ireland CLG

The Friends of YAP Ireland CLG is a network of people who have been participants on the YAP Ireland CLG programme or Advocates who have previously worked for YAP Ireland CLG and now want to keep in touch with what YAP Ireland CLG are doing and perhaps get involved in some projects that will help YAP Ireland CLG in its development.  By signing up to be a member of the Friends of YAP Ireland CLG, you will be kept informed of events and developments in the organisation.  You may also be invited to take part in short term working groups and may be invited to attend events either locally or nationally. 

Read the information below and if you have any questions, contact a member of staff in any YAP office.  If you are interested in signing up, click on the link below and complete the registration form.  Once registered, you will be on our list and we will be in contact with you about future events and opportunities.

Registration Form

FAQs Friends of YAP Ireland CLG

  • Q: Who can become a friend of YAP Ireland CLG?

    A: Any Young Person 17 years or more who has previously availed of the services of YAP Ireland CLG and finished on the programme more than 6 months ago.

  • Q: What could I get involved in as a Friend of YAP Ireland CLG?

    A: As a Friend of YAP Ireland CLG you could get involved in advising YAP Ireland CLG on the content of the Website, assisting with the running of the Youth Forum, speaking at conferences, assisting with recruitment & selection among other things


  • Q: How often do you meet?

    A: Friends of YAP Ireland CLG will come together twice a year to find out what’s happening in YAP Ireland CLG and how you can get involved.

  • Q: Is there support for transport and costs?

    A: YAP will pay the cost of your travel to and from YAP Ireland CLG events where we have invited you to attend.  If advocate support is required for transport, this can be arranged.  

  • Q: How can I join?

    A: Click on the online registration form above and fill in your details.

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