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A Mothers Story - 2015


I really don’t know where to start because things were so bad. I felt so bad, so low, so worthless. I didn’t even feel like a mother any more. I can’t even remember how or who put me in contact with Yap. But I do remember the very first phone call. It was from a woman. I knew nothing about her except she had a warm, caring, non judgemental voice. She told me that I will look back in a year’s time and things will be totally different. ‘Yeah Yeah’ I said to myself. How many have said that to me before! But at the time I had no confidence in myself. Before I knew it my daughter had a yap worker and I had the wonderful “lady” call to me a few times a week to check and see how I was. I use the term lady because Sinead my support worker is that.

You see I realised I actually wasn’t communicating with my children. I wasn’t even listening to them properly. We never did anything together as a family. Sure I wasn’t even listening to the poor dog or the cats. And I was shouting! When I stopped shouting.... the kids stopped shouting. When I started to listen to them... they started to listen to me. The family home became a calmer friendlier place to be. Of course we all have an off day. Everyone does! But our home is a happy calm place to be.

So what did Yap do for our family? Yap helped us use the tools we already had in a different way. The parenting programme with Yap is also very practical and I got a lot of tips from other parents. I would like to thanks Pamela and Sinead for helping me and my girls and also my husband. Your advice, invaluable support and guidance will stay with us forever.