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What YAP means to our family

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A Mothers Story - 2015

I really don’t know where to start because things were so bad. I felt so bad, so low, so worthless. I didn’t even feel like a mother any more. I can’t even remember how or who put me in contact with Yap. But I do remember the very first phone call.

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Frank, Dublin

To all the parents of Ireland if you get the chance to use YAP services, do you and your families a big favour and snap it up, as the difference it will make will change the way you deal with your kids and yourselves.

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Liza, Meath

Most people assume children that get into trouble come from difficult backgrounds such as an underprivileged or problematic home life, that’s not always true. Our son comes from a comfortable background, where he is loved by his parents, siblings and extended family.

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