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What We Do

We have developed programmes using the YAP model to address a range of needs in partnership with the Irish State Health and Social Services (HSE). The programmes can be provided to a range of client groups including young people at risk of care or custody, young people with mild learning difficulties, mental health issues, drug misuse or those in custody moving to independent living.

Intensive Support Programme

Intensive Support Programme provides intensive support of up to 15 hours a week for 6 months to young people aged 10-18 years and their families who are at high risk of placement in care, secure care and custody (Level 3 and 4 on the Hardiker Scale).  

Family Support Programme

Family Support Programme provides support of 10 hours a week for 6 months to families in need of time-limited, focused support (Level 3 and 4 on the Hardiker Scale). 

Aftercare Support Programme

Aftercare Support Programme provides support of 8 hours a week for 6 months to support the transition from care to independent living to young people aged between 17 and 19 years who meet Tusla criteria for Aftercare support.  

Access Support Programme

Access Support Programme facilitates transport and support for children and families who are involved in access arrangements as agreed with the HSE. 

Crisis Intervention Service

Crisis Intervention Service provides a rapid response to a young person aged 8-18 years in crisis for a specific time period ie., prevention of placement breakdown. 

Disability and Mental Health Intensive Support Service

Disability and Mental Health Intensive Support Service provides a 12 month programme to Young People aged 10 – 19 years and families who require an intensive, strengths based, needs led service to support their independent living skills, thereby taking an active part in family, school/education and community life and reducing the risk of placement in out-of-home care.  

Children Detention School Pilot Intensive Support Service

Children Detention School Pilot Intensive Support Service provides intensive support of up to 15 hours a week for 6 months for young people leaving the CDS to support reintegration into family and community and reduce re-offending. 

Independent Advocacy Service

The Independent Advocacy Service will provide support and advocacy to young people and their families. This service will allow young people to access an independent advocate, to ensure clarity and understanding of the service they are receiving and to enhance their participation in the service provision.

Participation, Group Activities and Events

Young people and parents/carers are involved in a range of groups and activities. The YAP Ireland CLG Participation Strategy ensures that the voices of young people and families are able to influence YAP services and social policy issues that directly affect them such as Education, Drugs and Alcohol and Mental Health. Check out What We Do

How we make the difference

We tracked the outcomes for 524 young people on the YAP Ireland CLG Intensive Support Programme aged between 10 and 19.

86% improvement in Self Esteem and Confidence of Young People on YAP Programmes a major indicator of improved mental health and wellbeing

 'Living with an illness is hard not just on you but on people around you. Some people may say it's a disease but its not its what you make of it. You need to find inspiration mine is my family they love and support me even in the hard times. It's not about anxiety this depression that it's about how you cope with it. Thoughts are hard just make sure you know they are not real. Thoughts may seem like the end of the world but just keep your head up they can't hurt you. People need to realise we are all the same.'
Written by Stephen, a young person in the YAP service