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  • Q: What should I do if I want to undertake a fundraising event on behalf of YAP Ireland CLG?

    A: At 1 month before undertaking a fundraising campaign or event on behalf of YAP Ireland CLG you should send your proposal to us at fundraising@yapireland.ie You should include in your email an outline of how you intend to raise funds, the date, time and venue of the event and your contact details for us to respond to you. This will give us time to prepare a fundraising pack for you and help in whatever way we can.

    Tips for Planning an Event

    1. Decide the kind of event you want to run and allow enough time to prepare before setting the date.
    2. Contact YAP and see how we can help.
    3. What will be involved and what will it cost you to run it? Will you need tickets? Will you be buying materials, collecting sponsorship?
    4. Remember to consider your date carefully. You want to ensure you get as many people as possible along to your event.  Think about whether there might be competing events on the same night / in the area? Also think about any sporting events / bank holidays etc. that may prevent people from coming along.
    5. What jobs need to be done? Make a timetable working backwards from the event date. Remember to conduct a risk assessment at your venue and obtain the necessary permissions and licenses.
    6. Enlist the helpers you need and allocate tasks. Meet up regularly to keep a record of progress and any problems that might crop up.
    7. Could other ideas be added to your event to generate more money (e.g. raffle, auction)?
    8. Publicity!!! Get people talking about the event – the best publicity you can get is word of mouth. Use every appropriate method to let people know it is happening – posters, flyers, banners, emails, Facebook etc. YAP can help with this.
    9. If you are selling tickets, try and sell as many as possible before the event, so you have an idea of numbers attending. Ask friends if they will sell tickets for you.
    10. Ensure first aid and security plans are working.
    11. Make sure you have enough help during the event and for clearing up afterwards.
    12. After the event count up all the money and make sure all expenses have been paid out. Then bank the rest with YAP Ireland using the lodgement slip provided to you.
    13. Thank the venue, any sponsors you had, and everyone who helped.
    14. Celebrate your success in the knowledge that you have made a difference in a Young Persons life
  • Q: Are there rules and regulations around fundraising events for YAP Ireland CLG?

    A: There are some guidelines that you should follow when undertaking an event in aid of YAP Ireland CLG.

    1. Use of the YAP Ireland CLG logo is not permitted without prior written permission from YAP.
    2. Anyone organising an event in aid of YAP Ireland CLG should have knowledge of our organisation and be aware of our Child Protection Policy.
    3. Any event involving collections from the public requires a Garda permit. Please contact your local Garda station.
    4. Please inform YAP if you intend to approach companies for sponsorship either as direct contributions or as goods for prizes or draws etc.
    5. Please also inform us of any media promotion (newspapers, radio or printed) that you are planning to do.
Corporate Sponsorship
  • Q: Who should I contact if my organisation wishes to sponsor YAP?

    A: If you would like to sponsor YAP Ireland CLG, please contact our office on 01 8689180 or email fundraising@yapireland.ie

Work with Us
  • Q: How many people does YAP employ?

    A: YAP employs 32 permanent staff and approximately 250 advocates on a fixed term basis. 

  • Q: What qualifications do I need to become an Advocate?

    A: There are no specific qualifications required to become an Advocate but some experience working with Young People will be an advantage. You do need to fit the following criteria also:

    1. Have some experience (work or life experience) of working with children or young people who are dealing with complex issues in their own lives.
    2. Be a positive person who looks for solutions rather than problems and is able to build on peoples’ strengths.
    3. Be computer literate and have access to the internet
    4. Be prepared to undergo Garda vetting process – i.e. have not committed any offence that would exclude you from working with children.
    5. Have a full clean driving licence and your own transport.
  • Q: How will I know when YAP Ireland CLG is recruiting?

    A: All YAP Ireland CLG positions are advertised on the YAP Website so checking our jobs page regularly will help.

  • Q: What should I do if I am interested in becoming an Advocate?

    A: To apply for a position with YAP Ireland CLG you will need to fill out an online application form. The link to this application form will be made available on our website once there is a position advertised.

  • Q: If I am successful in my application what should I expect to happen next?

    A: If your application is shortlisted you will be invited to attend a face to face interview, and if successful to Group Interview

  • Q: If I am successful at Interview what will happen then?

    A: You will be invited to:

    1. Attend Training that will take place over 6 days.
    2. Provide YAP with Screening Documentation.
    3. Join a Panel of Candidates from which the YAP Team Leader selects suitable matches for our young people.
  • Q: Am I guaranteed a Match?

    A: Every attempt is made to match every Candidate on the Panel. However, it is completely led by the Young People who are referred to us and to their particular need, so for this reason it is not always possible to match 100% of Candidates.

  • Q: What level of training is provided to potential Advocates?

    A: Advocates are given high levels of support and training with YAP, including four days of training on the application of the strengths based model and a two-day Child Protection Awareness Training Programme developed in conjunction with the NYCI.

  • Q: Why is there a need to recruit Advocates on a regular basis?

    A: Having a pool of Advocates with varying skills is important to the success of the YAP model.

  • Q: What is the role of an Advocate?

    A: The role of the Advocate is to support young people and families to establish local links by working with community partners. These collaborative efforts strengthen both community and family systems.

  • Q: How many hours does an Advocate work each week?

    A: Advocates can work up to 15 hours a week on a one-to-one basis, depending on the level of support needed.

  • Q: What are the other work responsibilities of Advocates?

    A: Advocates are required to submit an online summary of their work with the young person and their family, a travel claim and an activity expense claim to their Line Manager on a weekly basis. They are also required to attend fortnightly supervisions and monthly team meetings. Advocates also have an opportunity to become involved in our participation activities for both young people and parents/guardians in their local areas.

  • Q: Are Advocates paid in their employment with YAP Ireland CLG?

    A: Advocates are paid an hourly rate of €14.42.

  • Q: What opportunities have Advocates had once they have finished employment with YAP?

    A: A number of Advocates have found full-time employment within the social care sector through the experience they have gained working with YAP, while others are attending further education or training and continue to be leaders in their communities.

  • Q: Are YAP Ireland CLG programmes for young people cost-effective by comparison to other care and residential programmes?

    A: YAP Ireland CLG is an extremely cost-effective alternative to the high financial and emotional costs of care placements as well as reducing caseloads within social work services.  The costs of placing a young person in private residential at €4k per week as opposed to a six month YAP place at €10,500. 

  • Q: Where does YAP Ireland CLG get funding from?

    A: At present YAP Ireland CLG receives funding from the HSE, TUSLA and the Irish Youth Justice Service. 

  • Q: How do YAP Ireland CLG evaluate the success of their programmes?

    A: YAP uses an outcomes system to measure the positive impact of the YAP model. This system assists YAP Ireland CLG in measuring exactly what we are achieving through our work and allows us to enhance the services we offer to continue to improve the outcomes for young people and families.

    The outcome rating is on a scale of 1 – 9, with 1 indicating significant issues, 4 some difficulties, 5 is a medium point and 6 – 9 showing some or significant improvements.  We use the scale 1 – 9 as given the strengths based model every small step toward positive change is an important one.

    The 2016 outcomes data showed the following; 

    • Self: 84% improvement in Self-esteem/Confidence; 82% in Relationship with Peers; 83% in Emotional Wellbeing and 80% in Withdrawn/Isolated.
    • Family: 78% improvement in Parenting Skills, 86% in Home Environment –Physical/ Financial and 79% in Social Supports Family.
    • Education: 79% improvement in General Behaviour, 78% in Attendance and 79% in Aspirations.
    • Safety/Offending: 84% improvement in Risky Behaviour/ Self, 80% in Impulsivity and 91% in Co-operation with JLO/Gardaí.