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How To Support Our Work

For as little as €25¸ you can make a real difference to the life of a young person who may be at high risk of placement in care, secure care or custody, and to their families. 

How to support our work

Make a secure payment though iDonate using the button below


The funds raised go towards funding participation groups and projects for young people.

More Ways to Donate

Click on the links below to donate through Paypal, download a standing order form or direct debit form and to find out more about Legacy donations.

YAP Ireland CLG Table of Gifts

You can help YAP by donating to our gift appeal. The following Table of gifts outlines some of our key services cost and how much they cost. You can support our work by buying one of these specific gifts.

Donation GiftPrice
Crisis Intervention Service for one child (aged 8 – 18 years) for one hour €25
Transport facilitation and support for children and families who are involved in access arrangements as agreed with the HSE as part of the Access Support Programme €25
Facilitator and equipment (e.g. art materials) for one Group Work Sessions for young people €55
Two hour Participation Group meeting in one county per month, attended by young people and their families €116
Aftercare Support Programme to one young person (aged 17 – 19 years) for eight hours a week €308
Intensive Support Programme to one young person (aged 10 – 18 years) for one week (by comparison, the cost of placing a young person in private residential care is €4,000 per week) €450


Making your donation work harder for YAP

Did you know that by simply completing a CHY3 or a CHY4 tax relief form you can help YAP Ireland reclaim thousands of euro from the Revenue Commissioners at no extra cost to you? Enabling us to reclaim tax from your donation means you can help even more young people.


How to claim tax relief

If you are a PAYE / PRSI employee and you give more than €250 in a calendar year, we can reclaim the tax paid on your donation(s). This only applies to personal donations and not to funds raised through sponsorship.

You can make your donation as a once-off donation or by instalments. For example, a monthly donation of €21 per month over 12 months totals €252, and qualifies for the tax relief scheme. You could even give a few donations over the course of the year totalling a minimum of €250 to qualify.

Companies donating more than €250 can also claim tax relief by including the claim on the company’s tax return.


How much further your contribution can go

The tax refund for donations from all donors regardless of their tax status (PAYE or Self-Assessed) completes a CHY3 form (to cover qualifying donations over a 5-year period) or CHY4 form (to cover qualifying donations for one year) and returns it to us, we can reclaim a tax refund at a blended rate of 31% (tax relief is regardless of the rate of tax paid by the donor). If someone who donates €250, the tax refund will be [€362.32(€250*100/69)-€250=€112.32] €112.32 from the Revenue Commissioners, making the total value of your donation to YAP Ireland €362.32.

For a company with a tax rate of 12.5%, after filing for a reclaim as an expense, a donation of €250 will actually only cost €219.

For more information on tax relief please visit www.revenue.ie