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Being a YAP Advocate - Nicola, Navan

About three months ago my young person mentioned he would like to do his driving theory test. I thought this was wonderful as my young person can be quite anxious about doing new things and this would be a big step for him. I said lets get practicing straight away.

Over the next few weeks we practiced together online and also whilst I drove I would ask "who has the right of way here?" and "what does that road sign mean?" to which he always answered correctly. I said I was very excited for him as he seemed a natural at the rules of the road. He continued to practice the questions online and was beginning to pass every time.

We then had to get his paper work in order, and as my young person is quite socially anxious for example, requesting proof of address in the local credit union was a huge step for my young person, he was nervous but with a little encouragement and support he did it on his own. Once he had his paper work in order we booked the test. We practiced a few more questions and then I drove him to the theory test centre. I wished him luck, he got out of the car and went into the centre alone and not knowing what to expect. 

An hour later he came out beaming whilst getting into the car. He passed with an impressive score of 39 out of 40. I told him I was proud of him and his parents would also be so proud. He said he would have never done his theory test if I hadn't encouraged him, I said he did all the work and became stronger than his anxieties, I was just there as his advocate and to enable it.

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